Open House events

News at Cameron King | 01/01/2020

If you are thinking about selling a property you own, having an ‘Open House’ event can prove to be a successful way to generate a lot of interest in your property – and can often be a great way of securing a buyer and achieving the best price.

What is an open house?

Open House events are designed to channel interest and viewings to a specific period, usually a few hours, on a chosen day. The agent and seller will agree a date and time and the event will be promoted to potential purchasers ahead of the date, using a variety of medium to generate as much interest as possible. The agents will be present during the open house to answer questions, gain feedback and of course to discuss offers from the people who are viewing.

Generate a sense of competition

The purpose of an open house is both one of convenience for the seller but essentially it is designed to create a sense of interest and urgency. With a number of purchasers all viewing at the same time, many purchasers don’t like the thought of missing out, so it is no unusual to receive multiple offers quite soon after the event – if not during.

A good way of assessing interest

An open house is also a good gauge of the level of interest in your property - whether it is being marketed at the right price and to the right audience.  If interest is low, it could be a sign that the property is incorrectly priced or presented poorly – both can be acted on promptly to ensure success.

Reduce disturbance

Anyone who has a busy home life – and has had viewings on their home will remember the pre-viewing mad rush where you are racing around making your home ‘viewing-ready’. Having just the one period of time where you home is ‘perfect’ is easier to manage and less likely to interfere with your busy home or family life.

They work for lettings too

Open house events can be a useful for lettings too. The market is pretty fast paced, and demand high so the competitive element is less important however if viewings have been made difficult by a tenant, you will only need permission for one date, keeping disruption to a minimum.

If you are thinking of selling or letting and would like Cameron King to arrange an open house event for your property or you would like a no-obligation free valuation on your property please do not hesitate to contact us on 01628 667442.