Here at Cameron King, we understand that any house purchase relies on the services of a team of experts to get the sale through: from conveyancing solicitors to surveyors and of course , mortgage advisers. We are proud to partner with Asset Plus Mortgage Solutions, an award winning, Burnham based mortgage advisory centre, with over 25 years’ experience in the industry and a team of experts in all areas of mortgage advice incl:

New Home

With Access to 100's of lenders under one roof including lenders not available on the high street; Asset Plus can search the market to find the right mortgage for you. More Information can be found here.

Buy To Let

Whether you  are a first time landlord, or running a portfolio, the experts at Asset Plus can help with new purchase finance, mortgage reviews, as well as specialist types of lending such as HMO's and AirBnB's. More Information can be found here.

Let To Buy

Struggling to sell your current home? By working closely with the both Cameron King and Asset Plus we can evaluate the possibilty of renting your exisiting property and purchasing a new home to live in. More Information can be found here.

Auction Finance

Buying at auction requires specialist finance that can be arranged quickly to meet auctions deadlines, and can then be switched to more standard lending when the property is suitable for dwellling.  The experts at Asset Plus can help with all aspects of an auction purchase.  

Later Life Lending

If you are aged over 55, equity rich but cash poor, it is still possible to purchase a more expensive property using a lifetime mortgage.  As members of the Equity Release Council, the experts at Asset Plus can review your options to buy  a new home or even just release a tax free lump sum to help with yor retirement.  More Information can be found here.

Home Improvement Finance,

Could you get more money for your property with a few upgrades?  Perhaps you can see the potential in a property but are unsure you could afford the improvements needed.  Speak to an mortgage expert to ascertain if you can make this improvemetns a reality. More Information can be found here.

Other Services Incl:

Debt Consolidation, Commerical Loans, Family & Lifestyle Protection and Wills & Estate Planning.  

Simply put, talk to Asset Plus about your finance need and we can source the right way to fund it!  Ask Cameron King for more details or visit the website