Tips to making offers

News at Cameron King | 03/03/2020

You have found a home you love!  The next stage is putting an offer forward and getting it accepted.  See below to see what to expect during this process.  

1) Making an offer

You have found the perfect, or nearly perfect property, you will now have to decide what you are prepared to pay. Every property has an asking price and a price that the seller will accept. The two may not be the same.  You may offer any amount but it needs to be realistic to be accepted so it should be based on the asking price in comparison to what else is available to buy in the area and what you may know have sold. You can ask for items to be included in the price and you can also make clear any conditions you would want such as being able to move in by a certain date. At this stage everything is up for negotiation.

2) Agreeing the price

Cameron King will put forward your offer and the seller will decide whether to accept or reject it. If they accept, that’s great. If they think your offer is too low they will want you to increase the amount. You are now in a process of negotiating with the seller, which is something we will help with.   We will guide you towards the figure we think the seller will find acceptable and work towards getting a mutually satisfactory agreement.

3) Your offer accepted

Success! You have agreed a figure that you are willing and able to pay and that the seller is willing to accept. Once the offer is accepted and the sale agreed, we will confirm everything in writing and the property is then said to be “under offer” or “sold, subject to contract”. It is now time for the legal process to begin and for you to instruct a solicitor or conveyancer so that matters can move forward to an “exchange of contracts”. Cameron King can recommend solicitors and conveyancers who are both proactive and excellent communicators.  They know how to maintain a good pace and achieve timescales set between all parties.

Please do not hesitate to contact our experienced team for any advice on the buying process or indeed you would like to sell your property on 01628 667442.