Top tips for viewing

News at Cameron King | 10/01/2020

Top Viewing tips

Finding your next home is exciting so we hope our top tips to viewings will help you make the most of your viewings and help you to find your perfect home.

Identify what is important about your next home

What is important to you, your family and your lifestyle? Do you need to be near a school, station or workplace? Is parking or the commute important? This is a time for practicalities because, unless you have a limitless budget, there is likely to be a need to compromise. Location, size and condition, are usually key influencers of price so work out what you really will not compromise on and work from there. Being clear at the outset will save you a lot of time in the long run.

Outside View

Is the outside of the property what you expected? Have a look at the surrounding properties. How busy is the road? What is the parking like? If you are buying, have neighbouring properties been extended, this can be a likely indicator of potential to extend, if this is your intention.

Get a clear eye

When inside, you are more than likely going to be filled with the sellers or tenants’ furniture and belongings. Try to remove them so you can picture your own things there. Look beyond wallpaper or styling that might not be to your taste. For buyers, kitchens and bathrooms can be changed, although budgets will dictate the timescales, and you will know whether the timescales are acceptable to you. Don’t let the less important things put you off, you change almost anything – except a location.

Make notes

If you are seeing a few properties at time, do not overwhelm yourself with too many in one go. Immediately after the appointment jot down a few notes of what you liked and disliked about the property. It will help you later to recall the visit.

Go back again

Found the property you love? Get a second viewing, fall in love with it all over again but think practically as well, where will the furniture go, is there plumbing for a dishwasher? What condition are the carpets in? What else will I need to buy? It is also worth popping back at different times of the day to see how the place differs.

It is also worth mentioning that your viewing experiences are also valuable to you if you are also selling your own property. Learn from your viewings, what had stood out to you, can you you’re your property stand out as well?

The team at Cameron King is very adept at ensuring you get the most out of your viewings, so if you are looking to move home, please do not hesitate to contact our friendly team who will be only too happy to find the right property for you on 01628 667442.